About us

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Being a young woman is a superpower, and when you start believing in yourself – the magic happens. Our goal is to empower young women with self-belief and courage to reach their full potential. As a community, we strive to inspire young women to be confident, bold, and goal-oriented, but most importantly—to be kind and shine a positive light on each other.

JTLeadLikeAGirl hosts regular workshops across Australia, both online and in-person, centered on helping girls lead lives filled with purpose, enthusiasm, and self-awareness. Membership is completely free since we believe all girls should have equal access to our resources and weekly hangouts. There is power in numbers and unity, and we want every girl across our nation to be part of our exciting and thriving community.

We are a platform where young women can uplift each other and learn more about themselves in the process. Behind every successful woman, a tribe of great women empowering her to be the very best version of herself. We are here to support girls to build their own tribe of great women. Our goal is to connect young women, boost them with unbridled confidence, and equip them with the tools they need to find their voice and share it with each other – and the world!

Our dream is to live in a world where women can live fearlessly and unapologetically. Our purpose is to work towards that dream by empowering one, young Australian woman at a time.



About Ambassador:

Gloriose is current in year 12  She is 18 years old at Woodridge SHS, Currently doing a traineeship at Woodridge High, Ambassador for JT academy.

Interests: Reading, Knitting, Dancing

Passions: Talking to others and discovering new things

Hobbies: Reading, listening to true crime,

How JT Academy helped:

JT Academy has helped me by giving me a support system and having a safe place to share stories. It showed me the importance of sharing ur story and having ur voice heard.


About Ambassador: 

Chantal is currently in year 12 at Woodridge SHS, working a part-time job, doing army cadets and being an ambassador for JTAcademy

Interests: reading, drawing, dancing and singing

Passions: Bring joy to myself and others and helping others

Hobbies: I enjoy watching tv shows, dancing, and editing videos

How JT Academy helped:

JT Academy has helped me by supporting the growth of my fellow ambassador and i by creating a culture that encourages communication and training. Also helping build my confidence and resilience throughout the years.


About Ambassador: 

Iang is 17 year old student in year 12. Also a trainee at the Jt academy.

Interests: painting (although not great at it), photography, reading

Passions: About making people happy by helping them in my own ways. I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction and joy I get when I am able to make someone smile.

Hobbies: I enjoy reading books or webtoons during my free times. I also find myself enjoying true crimes.

How JT Academy helped:

The JT Academy has helped me by encouraging me to be myself and not be afraid to try new things. And by giving me the opportunity to meet and speak in front of a large crowd I was able to overcome my fears and build confidence and courage.