20 ways to make a great impression

20 ways to make a great impression

1. Be optimistic!

Start the day with a positive attitude. It’s OK to be nervous on your first day. However, making a great first impression matters a lot. Greet people with a smile. Offer a handshake to coworkers. Introduce yourself and make it obvious that you are happy to be there.

2. Dress the right way

As much as you are trying to impress your new employer, it will be awkward if you are overdressed or underdressed on your first day. It’s always best to plan your outfit ahead. Here are a few tips on planning your outfit for your first day:
  • Contact the HR department or your new boss for information on the uniform or dress code.
  • Go to the company’s website or social media accounts of employees to catch a glimpse of their regular outfits.
  • It is always preferable to dress too smart than too casually. It shows you have put in an effort for your first day.

3. Be punctual!

As you prepare for your first day, do not forget to confirm the location and time you need to be there. You do not want to be late for your first day at work. Get to work at least 15 minutes before the required time. It is a great idea to practice going to the workplace before your first day, during work hours, so you will know what to expect.

4. Don’t wait for work

It’s important to be proactive on your first day, even if you aren’t sure what you should be doing. Find tasks that will need to be done (e.g. emptying bins, tidying up in the kitchen). Your boss will be impressed by your initiative.  

5. Team spirit: get to know your team

Remembers your team spirit when allocated to a team. Take your time to get acquainted with your team members. Let your team members know that you are available to lend a helping hand. The positive energy and team spirit you bring will be contagious - and it’s a great start for an excellent working relationship.