Know Your Workplace Rights

Know Your Workplace Rights

Young people are essential in the Australian workforce. Knowing your rights in the workplace will ensure you are treated fairly and that you know what to do if you need help or support. Here you will find some detailed information on what you need to know about your workplace rights.


A workplace is a place where you perform any job for money. A workplace can include an office, store, salon, and more. Anytime you do work for an employer, you have protection under the law.

When you have your initial interview with your employer you should discuss the following:

  • The job title.
  • Nature of the job.
  • Your pay and when you will get paid.
  • Employment benefits and conditions.
  • The start date
  • The hours of work.
If you accept all these terms by agreeing to start work, these terms will form the basis of your legal employment contract.